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Cipe Story

In 2016, CIPE’s founder Andrew Wilson, began providing custom technology solutions and managed services. What started as a side project, a simple technology solution, quickly developed into much, much more.

Working to deliver internet for a brand-new fast casual concept in South Florida, Andrew realized the potential for a much larger opportunity. Delivering Internet was only one small piece of the puzzle. Who was offering a turn-key solution for all technology, consolidating it all into one centralized package, with installation, management, billing and support? It didn’t matter who else was doing it – Andrew decided to take his technology background, along with relentless customer service, and build it from scratch.

In 2017, serving the franchised QSR and retail industry, CIPE Solutions was officially formed. After only a few months CIPE formed partnerships with some of the largest brands in the QSR/retail industry. Now with multiple nation-wide clients, and hundreds of locations under management, CIPE only continues to make the technology easier, and manage better, so your organization can focus on what it does best.

​Fast forward to 2023 and CIPE is operating all across the U.S., with corporate offices in Florida, global logistics and distribution center in Atlanta, and a field office in New Jersey. By the end of this year, CIPE has a west coast office in its sights to continue expansion. As we continue to partner with some of the most well-known brands in the country, we expect to surpass 2,000 units under management this year – in under 6 full years in business.

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You want your retail or QSR franchise to run like a well-oiled machine. To do that, the best practice is to have as many pieces as possible of your business streamlined. To us, you are more than just another client. Our relationships with our clients are the foundation that we continue to build our brand on. We aim to give you a personalized experience that you can count on for all of your technology needs

As CEO and founder, Andrew actively leads and serves Cipe through his relentless championing of the Cipe mission, “To build people through relationship and business through technology.” Andrew brings to the table an incredible passion for people, along with an insatiable desire to innovate, both of which have allowed Cipe to excel in providing its clients with world class technology infrastructure solutions. Andrew’s leadership and previous experience in large scale network development has afforded Cipe the privilege of serving some of the nation’s top franchises across the country.
Although he currently holds the title of Chief Business Officer, Matt Hignight also proudly wears the title of employee number one. Since Cipe’s inception, Matt has committed himself heavily to the cause of optimizing Cipe’s logistical operations in order to facilitate the company’s explosive growth. Matt’s years of experience in business development and supply chain management have been key factors in the company’s ability to scale. Several of Cipe’s greatest challenges have been overcome through Matt’s keen ability to negotiate creative solutions.

Cipe Solutions

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